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If you encounter difficulty in communicating with factories, MasTurk offers the full service (paid), which is to provide the best quotations from the best and reliable factories, translate them and fetch the most suitable price for you due to our repeated sales from factories and follow up the entire order starting from the order process and ending with delivery in return for a percentage of 3% of Total value of the deal.


Service strengths:

-We follow up on your behalf all the details even if you are outside Turkey. 

-In the event of a manufacturing process, we follow up on all developments, technical drawings and approvals required from all parties, in addition to translating all reports and sending them to you. 

-We guarantee you the best price due to our frequent sales and our factory advertisements. 

-We follow the payment and billing process.


Please do not hesitate to contact our team for any enquiries or quotations. Message us via WhatsApp at +905344477753 We look forward to provide our expertise and services to you and your company.

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